One rainy morning I woke up understanding, that I hate what I do every day and don’t want to go to work… That moment became a turning point, when I’ve decided to change my life drastically and do everything possible and

impossible to make my dream come true…

That is why after having worked for 5 years in a “big business”, constantly changing companies in search of my true self, I’ve left my comfort zone and succeeded in starting the career of hairdresser in foreign country, in unfamiliar city, among strangers… from scratch… That was the most important decision in my life!

I am grateful to Academy of Hair Design Berendowicz & Kublin for believing in me, inviting me into their team, and giving me the chance to learn from the best hair stylists in Poland, perform in shows and exhibitions, work with Polish show business and fashion stars and grow professionally.

Here I would like to share with you my creation, passion for hair styling, positive life approach and confidence that everything is possible.

Welcome to my world!